Accidentally wandering into the corporate jungle from a nearby, conveniently located conventional jungle, the Black Monkey has often proved that simian inventiveness and agility can be applied to the corporate world.

Think about it. You have a product. You have customers. But you could always use more, right? Right.

See, the Black Monkey knows all. Though he often does not tell all he knows!

Let’s cut to the chase, human.

I, Black Monkey have made a sales portal that allows customers to compare products from stores around the net. The customers love it – and you love customers. This is what I call a relationship made in heaven.

My portal has many, many advantages.

  • The first is what every business owner needs – Customers are able to find you. People who come to my site will soon be on your site, and buying your products.


  • Best of all, the people who come to my site are already highly engaged. They are people who already have a purchase in mind! If they click through to your site from my site, it’s because they’ve decided to buy. This makes my site better and more intelligent than conventional advertising, where, if a customer clicks on an advertisement, is because they are interested, not because they already have purchase in mind!


  • Black Monkey has a highly targeted audience. The Black Monkey specializes in attracting martial arts sports practitioners – and you, my friend, sell the very products these people buy!


  • The Black Monkey is brand savvy! He spreads awareness about your brand on social media channels – for you, that amounts to free advertising of your products, and free promotion of your brand image.


  • The Black Monkey is global! Which means that if you can provide good shipping rates, your customers through Black Monkey’s site could well span the globe!


Black Monkey has set up his site so that the customer is ALWAYS satisfied. The customer enters and leaves Black Monkey’s site believing they have the very best of all possible deals.

Just think about it – Isn’t that the mindset you want YOUR customers to have… ALWAYS?

And that’s the best reason of all to work with Black Monkey.